As you can see, our advertising rates are incredibly reasonable, with something to meet everyone's needs.

1/4 Page - $15
1/2 Page - $25 (a $5 saving)
3/4 Page - $35 (a $10 saving)
Full Page - $45 (a $15 saving)

These per issue rates are for full colour advertising (prices for b/w are the same). We will also provide a link back to your site if you have one by clicking the advertisement.

We are able to accept 'camera ready' ad-copy, or we can help you create your advertisement for nominal fee.

For more infomation, or details on quality and size requirements for camera ready copy, please e-mail:


In addition there is a banner ad sponsorship space on our page which will be limited to no more than two at any given time.  These banner spots will be on the left side bar and on all pages except the news page.  The cost of these banner spots run $20/mth.

If you wish to run an ad in the magazine as well as purchase sponsorship space on the site, we offer a combination deal depending upon how many months you would like the sponsorship ad space for.

$10 off for one month,
$15 off for two months and
$20 off for three months and up.