Dark Recesses Press - Quarterly PDF E-Zine

Please check out the "News" page for information on how many spaces are available and any specific requests we have.  

We are looking for horror/dark fiction pieces between 500-5000 words. Longer works are a tough sell but may be considered if they knock us off our seats. Common sense when submitting please. We do not accept stories that involve the sexual abuse/exploitation of minors. We are not looking for pure shock value. All components of your story should have merit. Gore for gore's sake is not what we are looking for. We want to give nightmares that happen during the waking hours. All stories will be accompanied by illustrations.  

We have raised our pay rate to 3 cents/word with a $150.00 cap beginning with issue #5.  All payments are made in US funds.  With this raise in our rates, it is important to note that works up around our maximum word limit will be harder to place as we will be accepting no more than two of those per issue.  Total number of stories selected per issue will be 7-8 depending upon length. 

We accept submissions year round, with an expected response time of up to 16 weeks. This way we are able to accommodate all the submissions we receive. If you have not heard back from us after 16 weeks, please feel free to send us an update query. 

All submissions must be sent via e-mail to: submissions@darkrecesses.com as an attached word document or .rtf file with the word 'Submission' in the subject line.  

***VERY IMPORTANT: Stories embedded in the body of an email will go unread.***  

All submissions should be left justified, 12pt arial or times new roman font, single spaced with NO extra returns between paragraphs and no indents. (Click HERE to see formatting sample) 

No reprints - No simultaneous submissions - No multiple submissions. Please wait to hear back from us before you send another piece.  

Authors whose work is selected will receive a contract upon notification of acceptance.  



We offer a $50 US payment for cover art. For story illustrations however, we can only offer exposure along with a $5 token payment at this time. Artists whose work appears in Dark Recesses Press will have their name and title of the piece listed in the TOC as well as their contact e-mail link embedded into the artwork itself.  

If you are interested in having your artwork showcased in Dark Recesses Press, please send an email to the below address with a link to some work for our art director to look at. We will respond to every query. If you have sent a query and did not receive a response within 4 weeks, please send a follow up mail. 

Each issue will contain 7-8 stories that will require accompanying artwork and we are open to all forms and mediums of dark art. We require that all artwork be electronically available and saved at 200 dpi in RGB format, preferably saved as a .jpg file.  

If you have questions that have not been answered here, you may contact me at: query@darkrecesses.com. Please ensure to put 'Art Query' in your subject line.  

Looking forward to taking over the world with some of the finest emerging authors and artists.  

Bailey Hunter,